Rhinoplasty is usually associated with plastic surgery.

With Rhino-correct you can now do it painlessly.

And much faster

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Anyone who thinks that the nose correction is just an aesthetic idea equal to injecting botox or breast enlargement is wrong. Asymmetrical nose, different size of his wings or a deformed nasal septum can be the cause of serious and difficult to cure the discomfort. Therefore, experts recommend removing this problem as soon as possible, usually with a scalpel. Fortunately, the market has a special corrective nose pad Rhino-correct, which helps to form it in such a way as to get rid of any risk. In addition, the overlay also has an aesthetic value, improves the appearance of the nose and makes it can significantly change its shape. Interestingly, there is absolutely no compulsion to wear Rhino-correct for long hours at home, school or work. On the contrary, the manufacturer recommends wearing the overlay only for a quarter of an hour during the day, on a daily basis and on a regular basis. Thanks to this, the nose becomes accustomed to the pressure caused by the overlay applied, and the tissues start to slowly but gradually form in the shape we want. The nose pad Rhino-correct is a much cheaper and much safer alternative to surgical nose correction surgery. The product can be used safely by people of all ages. It has no sensitizing effect because it was made of the best quality material that retains its shape over the years of using the overlay.

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In my long-term career as an ENT specialist, I have seen all the possible complications resulting from neglecting the appearance of my nose. Yes, look, because it is the external appearance that is the first symptom that something happens with your nose and you should go to the doctor. Unfortunately, many people ignore this symptom, as a result of which there are hard to treat degeneration, the removal of which is often associated with the need for surgical intervention. That's why for me as an expert in ENT, I was surprised by the appearance of a medical product for the correction of the nose. However, the Rhino-correct nose cover turned out to be something not only surprising but, above all, well-functioning. In over 85% of the subjects who tested the product in the beta phase, a significant improvement in the appearance of the nose was found. In the remaining 15%, it was much smaller, but it also occurred, which proves the effectiveness of this inconspicuous product. Its great advantage is that the patient is not forced to constantly wear a nose pad, but he can do it for only fifteen minutes a day and in the comfort of his own home. There are absolutely no contraindications to wear from the Rhino-correct ENT point of view. It is a product that adapts with its structure to the shape of the original nose and acts on it in a very careful way. Thanks to this, cartilage changes occur slowly and safely, without affecting the structure of the nose, but instead modeling and forming its tissues. The nose pad allows you to reduce it by up to 2 mm in the first weeks of use. It does it in a painless way. Among the ailments and diseases that Rhino-correct helps to remove, you can name a few of the most important. These include, among others, reducing the length of it (shortening), regulating its symmetry, raising the tip (degeneration of falling), eliminating the so-called tuber nostrils (thick, with wings unsold spaced).

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Mick 46 age

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Rhino-correct is a nose pad, thanks to which I do not have to be ashamed of its undersized appearance.

Cathy 22 age

cheapest Rhino-correct

Thanks to Rhino-correct, I have a prettier nose, without a costly and painful nose correction surgery.

Charles 39 age

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15 minutes of wearing each day for a month. It was enough in my case to make visible corrections on my nose. And all without pain!

Susanne 31 age

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I never liked my nose. After 2 months of wearing this overlay, I see visible changes in its appearance.